Famous Cafe Racer to be listed on eBay again this week!

Hi Bear here at Old Bike Barn

The Famous Cafe Racer will be relisted on ebay again tonight, built by Carpy in Cali with many parts available at OBB, this is a very special machine indeed.

It’s being sold by my good friends at Rice Paddy Motorcycles since they’re eBay experts and regularly list complete bikes with 35000 plus feed back rating! I’ll post an updated link to the auction here later today!

I have had alot of fun with this bike but its time for some new OBB projects and I’m willing to let someone else enjoy this world famous machine, I’m hoping it ends up in a famous collection or maybe in a museum, somebody please tell Mr. Leno about it!So about the bike… Yes this is the bike you saw in the magazines.  What magazine?  Any one…  This bike has been in 16 different magazines and is commonly referred to as the worlds most famous café bike.  What other bike can you say that about ?  I have seen $100,000 choppers that didn’t make it past 1 magazine and brand new hyper bikes that only make it into the 4 mainstream mags.  But this cross cultural statement of purity reaches across 16 different niche markets in a way meaningful enough to grant it a feature article.  This is Carpy’s first bike built in America.  This bike is not only iconic but no other bike will be his first and have a splash like this one. This bike is the essence of rockabilly rocker culture and looking at it for even a second lets you know this without a doubt.

Incorporating such features as finned engine covers, fiberglass tailpiece, borrani style H rim front wheel, race gas tank, individual air filters, 4 into 1 exhaust, chrome swingarm, remote reservoir shocks, lucas style tail light, clubman handlebars, drilled brakes for weight reduction, and rearsets for better ground clearance.

This is not the kind of bike you see every day nor is it the build quality that you get from hiring somebody local who is trying out a new line of work.  This is the product of vision and determination and 16 magazines agree.  There is no better way to buy a boatload of instant street cred than by purchasing this bike.

  Cafe Racer

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